Have you ever thought about planning the vacation of your dreams in a comfortable, economical and flexible way? With the Brasil Tropical Vacation Club (BTVC) Vacation Program,
you may!

What is?

Brasil Tropical Vacation Club is a vacation program that allows you and your family to stay at the Hotel Brasil Tropical in a more economical way, through the Timeshare System.

In addition, you can stay in several other Hotels and Resorts around the world, through Intercambiadora RCI.

We make dreams come true!

With more than 15 years of tradition and experience in the Tourism market, Brasil Tropical Vacation Club fulfills the dreams of more than 5,000 members affiliated to its vacation program every year.

How it works?

Through a sharing program, the client can purchase fractions of use of the apartments during the 52 weeks of the year. With a scoring system, the customer has the right to acquire and use only the amount of points that are necessary for their trip, obtaining enormous savings and ensuring comfort and convenience during their family's trip.


In addition to all this, Brasil Tropical Vacation Club provides the flexibility to be used in more than 4,000 Hotels and Resorts in more than 100 countries through the association with RCI.


We provide our associates with an exclusive travel agency, where you can organize your vacation with personalized itineraries and all the advice to make your vacation unforgettable. Brasil Tropical Vacation Club is the best way to plan your vacation and enjoy accommodation on five continents. If you are not part of this group, contact us to live all these experiences.

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